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If you move into a new home, rent a new apartment, lease new commercial space, fire an employee, or change cleaning companies you may find yourself thinking about changing your locks. Even if you do get your keys back from previous owners, occupants, employees or contractors, they have had the opportunity to duplicate your keys. You have no way of knowing how many duplicates may have been made, or who has them. In almost any situation where you think a lock needs to be changed Downtown Reno Locksmiths can rekey the lock at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it would take to select new locks and replace them. You do not need a lock change to protect your property, files and cash.Rekey Service - Sparks NV
Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the tumblers of a lock cylinder with tumblers of different sizes. When you rekey a lock the old key can be thrown away as it will no longer open the lock. The lock will require the new key that coincides with the new tumblers to operate. Local locksmiths can rekey locks at a significantly lower cost than full replacement of the lock.

Downtown Reno Locksmith – Lock Change ServiceĀ Change Locks Rekey Locksmith Sparks

If no new holes are needed in the door or jamb, lock change is an easy job for Downtown Reno Locksmiths. Even if you want to you change the configuration, for instance, adding a handset with a built-in deadbolt, existing openings should work. If you need your locks changed or advice about if lock change is even needed in your case, Call us now and we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

Adding a deadbolt on your door without a pre-existing hole is also something that Downtown Reno Locksmiths can do for you.

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